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Franks Consulting Group provides career, social media and management consulting solutions to individuals, teams and organizations.

We deliver the highest quality of consulting solutions:

We work with our clients
to develop the skills and provide the proficiency with tools necessary for success in a new career...or higher levels of success in the current career.  We are not "headhunters".  Our expertise is in helping our clients "sell" themselves in the most effective manner in today's very challenging and competitive environment.

Social Media
We have the hands-on skills and experience to evaluate what you have, what you need and to work with you through implementation and beyond.

Management Consulting
Change is never easy. Individuals, teams and organizations cannot stop what they are doing to assess, define and implement change. We have both the experience and skills to introduce, facilitate and execute change with a focus on business or nonprofit success.

We look forward to speaking with you your career, social media or management consulting related challenges.

Franks Consulting Group: built on integrity, professionalism and client satisfaction.

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