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Franks Consulting Group offers business, career and nonprofit consulting solutions to companies, organizations and individuals.

We are passionate about delivering the highest quality of professional consulting solutions:

Businesses. We have the skills and experience to identify how to gain and retain leadership in your industry or field through greater efficiency, more innovation, effective achievement of targets with identification of and planning toward future growth opportunities.

Nonprofits.  We know what it takes to consistently achieve your mission including focus on a clearly defined strategy, sensitivity to member needs plus identifying and embracing best practices regardless of your organization's size, cause or challenges.

Individuals.  We work with our clients
to develop the skills and provide the proficiency with tools necessary for success in a new career...or higher levels of success in the current career.  We are not "headhunters".  Our expertise is in helping our clients "sell" themselves in the most effective manner in today's very challenging and competitive environment.

We delight in talking with prospective clients about their business, career and nonprofit consulting needs.

Franks Consulting Group is built on integrity, professionalism and client satisfaction.

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